About our Company

ACI Painting and Cleaning LLC is a trusted and leading painting, cleaning, and carpentry contracting company with over 18 years of experience. Our services technicians are dedicated and committed to providing our customers with unsurpassable services using the highest grade and highest quality products at the most affordable prices as well as outstanding customer service. At ACI Painting and Cleaning LLC, we offer a vast variety of services to our customers. These services include prep work, priming, Painting, clean up, custom colors, interior painting, exterior painting, drywall, drywall repair, spring cleaning, fall cleaning, house cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, custom paint, interior services, exterior services, carpentry services, wood work, window frames, frames, baseboard, custom designs, doors, door frames, walls, flooring, decorative molding, molding, repairs, replacements, construction, designs, installation, and more! We provide our customers with professional painting services with a personal touch. Our goal is to provide the best painting and carpentry surface that will leave a smile on our customers faces and in their wallet!

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